RuiperezCuevas architects we are a multidisciplinary study that works in Three Songs (Madrid) from 1986, city in which has participated in its gestation and growth, realised multiple projects and works (among them Central base of Three SongsMunicipal library “Lope de Vega” and other equipment, parks and designs of urban furniture). Our ample experience accompanied by one resisted professionalism this cradle in a total insertion in the objectives of our clients as much public, companies or individuals. The challenges enchant to us.  It enchants to us to work in - and for this fantastic city and we want other people to join and enjoy our performances as well, that is the reason why we are using VPS web hosting, to make this website grows better and more people can enjoy our work. The web hosting company is very good as well, it is supporting MySQL, PHP, and many more that has been helping this web a lot.


In RuiperezCuevas architects we count on certification official CPHD emitted by the German organism Passive House Institute that it credits to us as architects accredited certificates and for the design, construction and certification of houses and buildings designed under this demanding seal of Passive Architecture

Passive House (Passivhaus) is a standard of design and construction of buildings, recognized world-wide, to reach some levels of highest efficiency energetics, inner comfort and also economically reasonable. Passive House (Passivhaus) is not a commercial brand, is a concept of international construction, studied, analyzed and with excellent results obtained in his more than 20 years of experience and more than 25,000 buildings, that increase day to dayconstructed under its seal, RuiperezCuevas architects also have dedicated server plan with cheap price that can help everyone who interested to build a website and they will also help with the web design. 

Tell your ideas us, your project and hagámoslo reality with an exceptional design as, following the model Passive House, it today satisfies the requirements that will be demanded tomorrow. And thus, in addition to an exceptional comfort, you will obtain some savings in his spectacular use and maintenance. Why to conform to you to less? 


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Señaletica, museografia and corporative image | Signage Design, Museography & Corporative Identity
Interior design, architectonic image and tax exemptions | Interiorism, commercial & franchising design
Publications and means | Publications & Media

And, by all means, we approached:
  • Licenses of activity and opening
  • Technical inspection of Buildings ITE
  • Information of Evaluation of Buildings IEE
  • Sustainability and Energy, Rehabilitation, Qualification, Audit and Certification Energetics. 

  LAST WORKS: Mediterranean house with patio, palm and rain tank  

 Mediterranean house
In a developing residential area of Albalat of the Shore (Valencia) and with decree of back-to-back villas, the net volume of a familiar house-patio rises, with two houses, common garage, zones and solarium, an urban and Mediterranean town-patio that looks at its interior and whose better description us offers it an exceptional woman:

The house: the patio
 (Maria Zambrano 1904-1991, thinking poetic essay writer, philosopher)

“The Mediterranean house can be shelp that it consisted first of all of a patio. In a space empty, then, and opened to the sky: to rain, to the sun, the light, and the patio they gave to the rooms all of the house; sometimes behind this first patio there was another one was closed by a wall instead of by a body of rooms where the domestic offices were developed. To the outside, street, place or field the house as soon as it offered opening some: some few and nothing ample windows.

The house was conceived in the places that are the source of our civilization as a possible the most closed enclosure. Refuge, strength, and that locked up a free space, empty… an own space. An own enclosure that a town reproduced in its structure in certain way. And what is more important, an enclosure that kept within himself the atmosphere from freedom, the space, the air, the light. Of the original cave it had the being refuge, closed place, only that.

And the patio was the center of the house humanly also. In him all the people coexisted
 of the welcomed family and guests to its hospitality. And to him in the good time
the visitors arrived to deal with the subjects the occasion. He was as a “domestic agora”. And thus thanks to the patio, the house had, has where it continues it having, true wide privacy, that is to say, open privacy where the life of relations is without invading the rooms of each, the alcove, inaccessible place, the dining room destined only to this use, the drawing rooms in days and solemn occasions.

The patio thus is the center of the house in all the senses. It is as a stove that distributes to the heat and the air. In her always it has to have a corner to the sun,
always one in the shade. By his walls it is seen turn the light of the day and enters the night with his mystery. It is a viewpoint of the sky, a place of contemplation and in 
this sense a temple. “Templum” was back in Babylon the place from where the firmament was contemplated.

The patio is in truth a mediating place. A mediating place is the patio between the limitless space and the limited space, closed of the rooms of the house. And the rooms do not have, when there is patio, why to open itself extremely to the outside, far from it to be that species of crystal cages where privacy does not exist any. The man needs the free air, the sun, the contact with the elements, but his “to be” he needs an own site, official notice with the elements, but not in 
half of them. One is a psychological question, perhaps physical metaphysics so much more that.

The patio 
it is also garden. Famous they are the flowery ones, enchanted patios
of Andalusia that I have seen modulated of certain ways in the wonderful Antillean patios.

Of Arab origin, it cannot less than symbolize, I create, something very Islamic but nonstrange to the Christian mind: the rememoración of 
earthly paradise. The patio, ours, the Hispanic patio is symbol and memory of that small piece of cannot be waived paradise [...] that, is intact in the soul. 

(1) Text conserved in the María Zambrano Foundation with the M-77 signature, 1964. In Aurora. Papers of the “María Zambrano Seminary”, number 3, Barcelona, 2001, partido popular. 142-143