(P = Project| Project O= Obra|Construction [] = credits/credits)

    [All the works under the direction of Luis G. Adalid]

  • Expositivo and scenographic project, of the image and graphical design for Center of Interpretation of the Mysticism (Avila). Author: Luis G. Leader
  • Scenographic project, graphical image of the Center and expositivo design for the Center of Interpretation of the Mediterranía and of Oropesa (Naturhiscope),
  • Design of generic image and applications for the 50 years of National Radio of Spain in Barcelona.
  • Design and development of the image name brand IdeArte (galleries of Art): design of image name brand, and applications (stands, gallery, señalética and corporative development). 
  • Design and assembly of Stands stop: Publishing group Anaya, Galleries of IdeArte art, Pressto, Carlin, Alpinatour, Spanish Association of Franchisors, Espasa Calpe (in collaboration with Pepe Pla)
  • Design of the new Gallery of Art “Space Zambucho”, Madrid
  • Design, proposal of image and development in diverse applications: scenes (Monumental theater of Madrid), cartelería, programs of hand, books, etc., of the Anagram-logo of the 50 anniversary of the Choir of Spanish RadioTelevisión (RTVE).
  • Designer of the new central offices of FIDES Grupo Inmobiliario, in Madrid

  • Señalética for the Historical Center of Avila, (Approved and implanted Project).  Isidoro González-Adalid collaborates (Analysis of implantation)
  • Señalética for the Historical Center of River basin (High City) [In equipment with Carlos Corral and Isidoro González-Adalid (Analysis of implantation)].
  • Señalética for the Historical Center of Aranjuez.

  • Designer and artistic director of the Guía de Ciudades Patrimonio of the Humanity, Edit. Group of Cities World heritage site. 2003-2004.
  • Designer of the record project “Mozart Esencial”, of the RTVE-Music seal 
  • Designer of the new collection “Jazz in Spain”, of the RTVE-Music seal, with the accomplishment of the CDs 
  • of Tete Montoliu, Pedro Iturralde, Chano Domínguez, Donna Hightower,… (2005-2006)
  • Designer of the collection of CDs of the dramatized version of the Quijote.
  • Ministry of Culture/RTVE 
  • Designer of the new series of “sonorous Archives”, published by National Radio of Spain 
  • Designer of new CDs for the Real de Madrid Theater.
  • Author of designs of CDs for the General Society of Authors; the SEPI, “Great composers” (2002); the Festival of Opera of Oviedo; collection “Great Spanish pianists” of the RTVE-Music seal, etc.
  • Multiple works: logos, corporative, señalética image, design of book collections, collections of discs and CDs, posters and assemblies for National Radio of Spain, Group CL the International, Symphony orchestra and Choir of RTVE, Outer Radio of Spain, European Commission, RTVE-Music, Spanish Theater of Madrid, Community of Madrid, Mº de Educación, Editions Pyramid, Group Anaya Editorial, ACK Comunicaciones, General Mutual benefit society of the Law, Spanish Association of Franchisors, Editorial Youth, Feria de Valencia, Hall the International the Tax exemption (Valencia), Popular University of Cartagena, City councils of Madrid, Leon, River basin, Cartagena, and diverse publishing groups, galleries of art and corporations and institutions of all the State. Between these works of design they would be possible to be emphasized:
    • Collection of Cds of the Symphony orchestra and Choir of Spanish RadioTelevisión (RTVE)
    • Logo and applications for “the young people to the encounter of Europe”. National radio of Spain. 
    • Image (poster, book, pamphlets) for the 50 years of Theater Figurinismo in Spain. Albéniz theater. Madrid.
    • Anagram-logo and development in Manual of Corporative Image for the General Mutual benefit society of the Law.
    • Logos and later development in Manuals of Corporative Image for diverse companies, between which it is possible to emphasize: AETER (Spanish Association of terminology), Vie trips, Alpinatour, Pressto, km 100, Indes, Fides Inmobiliaria, etc.
    • Publication IPTS (for Institute Prospective Technological Studies). European commission.